Don’t fret over the gloom, there’s nothing to fear, for I am here just lend me your ear.

Alone we are born, alone we will decay.
Undeniably we are made of nothing but clay.

You’ve been told just a part to play.
Choices to make options to weigh
People to descry and you try as you may but they won’t say ‘Good day’ they come in life to walk away

But worry not mortal Im here to stay.


The Moon


I used to dream of it. In the dream, I was standing… Someplace high up… a tower, or a mountain.
It was always just before dawn. The whole world was in darkness.
Then came the flash of light-just on the horizon, within the clouds that mark the border between worlds.
It could have been lightning,but there was no thunder. In the dream, the sense of foreboding grew, but i could never wake up.
Then it came again this time more distinct. Closer. Definitely not lightning now. It was Orange-brilliant orange, the colour of hearth and dawn.
And a sound too.Distinct and indistinct too, Not thunder… Something I shouldnt recognize, but in the dream I cannot place it.
I want to leave my high place, to seek shelter. From what, I don’t yet know.
In the manner of dreams, I cannot escape. I’m forced to wait and watch
but now its too late to escape. Enormous shadow upon me, darkness descending like a thunderbolt.
And then i would wake up. And hope that it was just a dream… But know that it was not.


too many tears have had already fall, it hurts when someone dont feel the same for you,but im afraid of sounding too desperate. even though its just a crush…!
Whenever you are around my mind goes completely blank,i mumble, i babble…!
I have been thinking about you all night,what its going to be like if i fall in love with you? How many nights are going to be restless by that time?
i cannot deny the way i feel, i wish i could do somthing to heal.
they say Love is ain’t nothing but pain.
Therefore if i try to forget you right now, im sure i will save many tears in the future.
And if i see a falling star i wouldnt wish you to love me,i would just wish to love the one who loves me.. !

trees,sky. moon and stars has cross my heart. gazing stars at nite feels so right.gorgeous thunderstorm in night. luminous the dark black massive clouds for sometime.strobe lights which sparkles in the sky like fireworks.
lightening reverberation soothes me its so magical.indeed nature is so powerful!

Ever tried walking barefeet in grass?
It feels so pleasant and refreshing feels like its igniting the soul.
And when the night falls I look around at large trees, specially the palm tree swishing and shaking in the wind.i can sit at my window and stare and listen to the silence all night.
The view tells me somthing. Nature speaks!

Walking Alone near coast the ocean beating on rocks at night,it calms me, it has the healing power. It has the ability to change my mood instantly…480033_320412118048993_1441104748_n
Nature speaks to me.