Teardrop On The Fire.

Plop! Plop! Plop! water droplets spattering on window wood frame.
She listens, She hears the whoosing rain playing strange music. The window glass is closed and as gone deeper in the room the sound of the water droplets were transited into the tick-tock of the golden clock in the corner. the room is tidingly empty with a lady siting on a chair silently with a book on her lap. It’s heavily down-pouring since morning now its afternoon and the sky seems to be welcoming night already. The vicious rain is inexhaustible with roars. But the room is as calm as those candle lights without wind. There are candle stands adormenting the dark room, in every corner the flames of every candle dancing slowly snake-like. The lady is peacefully reading her book with a satisfied smile on her lips. As though she is immune to the rain. She closes the book and becomes contemplative over the window glass that show the gray sky and contrasted foliage withering before each other.
The brutal rain have no mercy for them. The baleful rain start tapping fast on the window then beat. Then the sky roared. She leans back not breaking her eye-contact on the glass window. flashback comes to her eyes.
*she was screaming in the foggy rain at the edge of the flood stream ‘stop don’t go there its puddle everywhere.’ ‘Isn’t it beautiful. the rain I want a closer view’ someone said deliriously. Before she could protest another thunder roared. They both look up and when she looked straight, he was gone, leaving only a shout to echo in the woods.*

Her body jerks forward her eyes wet and puffy she realizes the tickling of the clock and hearth-like room illuminating. She smiles triumphantly and solidified herself while controlling her breathing. She was protected against the disaster. Ever since that day she had embraced the light of candle. The nemesis of water. Fire!
She cant be harmed. she rises from the chair walks through a corridor with a swirl of her black gown while the candle stands greeting her figure and her shadow follows her obediently. She walks along with sullen determination. She glances her face in the mirror with a pride. The mirror shows her existence. All of a sudden she catches a spark in the mirror. Before she can look back. The fire surrounds her. Raging, with no mercy and companionship. Tropic aura was suddenly evaporated. The fire further emblazoned the dark room and she saw slow painful mother nature death awaiting. Her muffled screams could be heard in the woods while spattering rain continues..


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