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As I giggled and steadied my pace through the exit door in hope of not being caught by my sister behind me for sneaking in her stuff, I realised I had reached 20 feet far from the door and all her running noise disappeared she hadn’t followed me outside and I standed there alone staring at the door casting white light on the grass of the door step. Before I could think anything else my mind jolted upon the thought of the unwonted view from where I was standing. The surrounding were occupied with light–moonlight the darker shade of dusk enhancing it on the foliage garden, and I realised the moonlight made everything look different under its yellow tipped light for it shown unceasingly as if it know what vicious influence It had on the earth. As though monitoring their every living move.
The Moonlight made the garden unfamiliar of which flowers dipped with narcosis fluid humming silently.For a moment I stared them unblinkingly at the garden and thought myself lost in another planet or it might had been that everyone else has had abandoned me. And the grass I was standing on was not trustworthy anymore. Moreover what I pryed upon was the corners of the garden as if each one of them opening secret passages. Still I standed there to sense something familiar to remain undaunted, but as the tiny grasshopper vibrated itself. It felt different. As it is is warning me to go back, and I had stepped on his territory of tranquility. And that I should leave his place at once. I looked back at the door, my only protection and then at the trees above and a feeling of bereave hit me, they seemed unfriendly and unaltristic as if they are being occupied by some strange Planet creature invaded earth overnight and are engaged dominating it.
The mixed feeling of curiousty and fear lit up and the impulse to see the unseen extraterrestrial from outer space, but first my aiming was to find a safety platform the door Which seemed unreachable far as I decided to run towards it abruptly, but still I waited to see if the wind is same to the trees but it was, the view remained motionless. I reached door and looked at the view again and asked myself that why moon is reacting that way. Made me wonder what moon possess whether the moon has invaded earth or some other kind invaded moon.


Just Confronting My Grief.

The car stopped on the beach side road, and she stepped out of the car inhaling her memories for the last time, as though smoking a cigarette and holding it for a moment and then puffing her memories all away, and freeing herself. Her saddened wet broken mascara eyes scouring the sound of the running sea. She faced the sight her eyes first capturing the palm trees on sand adormenting the endless midnight blue sea behind those trees, sea writhingly running and committing itself to shores and then eluding them. Watching such sight she felt shivers of intoxication swirling around her making her face pale and cold. She leaned herself to roof of the car by both her arms resting on top, she was not tired but only enthralled by the view.She lingered on her acclimatization to this part of town at night. She was glad that the sky was thickened making it moon-less night; she didn’t want the monotony then. Her mind drunk from the opiate night while a pleasing smile was playing on her lips. Her gazes dropped on the corner where there was a guy sitting on bench, he seemed to be familiar with that place. She concentrated hard on him, she watched his gaze fixed straight at his front view; the road poles, boring burning colored lights. But more immersed in his thoughts “Sitting all alone confronting your grief” the girl told herself about him. It was easy to calculate someone’s thoughts forms,who is surrounded by such beauty and not accepting the reality. For he was focused hard on his thoughts. “Don’t let this beautiful moment go, embrace it, you may never know it again” she murmured to herself opiated by the wind. She wanted to scream at him.She had the urge to know him. “There’s so much to be thankful of than crying over for having lost something” she said in the rhythmic winds. A tear boiled in his eye and spattered on his cheek gently. The girl was now convinced of the veiled gray cloud above him. Victimized by melancholy so great that he had dismissed the reality the power of now. The girl indistinctly turned her gazes and looked far over the shallow sea under the midnight blue sky, while the wild foliage on sand shivered with wind. She couldn’t hold herself back anymore. She wanted to comfort the stranger by telling to look at the beauty around him for once. All of a sudden the stranger felt pang of shock and he looked around him averting his mind to presence. He looked at the girl staring right at him. The girl hesitated having been caught staring at him for long. They both kept looking at each other Until a wind blew and a tear rolled down on the girl’s cheek induced the guy to believe she herself was facing grief and she had came here to do so. They both came to so. And they of-course had failed until that very moment of their encounter where they’ve had surrendered. Something in the air and sight was so exquisite that they became oblivious of their grief, returned to their innocence as though the word has never occurred to them. The world became beautiful for them again. And honest smile exchanged from both their lips, they have let it with all they had. As though making a promise to each other they needn’t to elude their grief for it was already fainted. Now it was just the present moment. A bond had tied between them.