She often wears Red Lipstick, People think she is the most fashionable trendy, who loves partying. But the truth is she is the most saddest girl they might know; And that her wearing Red Lipstick veils it all, Deprive her to enjoy her loneliness, gives her a companion in the mirror which she seeks in darkness of her life

A companion to whom she can laugh, dance and cry with; ending up looking elegant & classy of the blended Red Lipstick

In the hall filled with chattering people she sits alone with her mind preoccupied of the amazement of every trivial thing occupied with worldly cares responsibilities.

She steps out of the darkening mist that envelopes the street each morning,She walks alone as if she has a destination. Her pale skin seems translucent, its fairness accentuated by the cascade of dark sloppy brown hairs, her eyes filled with deep sorrows yet her impeccable Lipstick veils it all. She walks kicking her boots in the mud the warm mist rising from valley brings a fragrance so heavy that it saturates everything but her Red Cherry Lipstick.  Her sobs piercing the thick mist,  A few tears come to soften her seared vision, she waits for her melancholy to cause her so that her tears can completely shred  releasing her from her sorrows.

And yet her only solace is the satisfaction she gets from just doing simple little things like playing with the kids in the streets, adoring nature and affectioned with feeble creatures surrounded by her.

It lights up her heart enough to become unaware of her melancholy

And Red Lipstick stays on her lips to assure an encouraging companionship!


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