Fading tan!

What fabulous wintery month its been! Reading books and writing prompts and spending time with birds and nephew and hibernating all nighter!
The weather was sexy, as in extremely cold. hangouts, and sitting beside fire while bbq-ing, Waking up in the middle of the night and flipping channels until i find something horror to watch,and make my sister watch it with me, so then i don’t freak out. then i would go to play some of the latest high graphic games until my head starts to hurting… Calling my friend in the early morning to say i can’t make it up to the college today because ive caught cold and bad throat!
Waking up late in the day, and i would go to terrace just to heal myself with warm bright sunshine, and have my own made delicious brunch!
Saying NO to sports, and YES to ice creams,chocolate icy smoothe, and peanuts! And everything nice and icy.
Hairs have gotten a bit longer finally, Eeeep! Fresh skin, fairer, and the tan is fading, and laziness at it’s best level.
In SHORT… Best winter days ive ever had…!


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