Age is something people can not stop–It is a natural phenomenon, Which can not be denied. From women’s teenage to their 30s they are content with their natural glow face skin which God has bestowed upon them! When they are too busy in their lives they underestimate their diets and fitness as a result they want to undermine ageing and control it as much as they can! Infact all women in their 40s and 50s now look super. The age of Botox, Lifts, Gymming, Detox, Spas is making age merely a number! On the other hand our celebrities are willing to reach at any level for controlling age, By unfavorable surgeries, Expensive ones! And eventually they get 10 years younger skin, Along with that they get the perfect reason to tell their age much younger then they actually are!
The question is how long can they live in denial, and take surgeries? They will be growing up older and older, And unfortunately scientist haven’t invented something grand to control ageing or rejuventing drink or a time machine.
Therefore my real question arises That why its hard for a women to tell her precise age? The reasons could be numerous and consequently it bothers me, Ive thought of a way out for those who agree with me at some points, it will be effortless for all in their 20s who will be having these intentions.
Instead of lieing why not make yourself look older, in a way which will be appreciated? Act confidently, develop yourself professionally and mentally, be established and smart enough so that you wouldn’t be worrying about growing while you are young, and then people by face tell you, hey you look younger than you actually are! And there you will get the most tremendous compliment of your life!


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