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She often wears Red Lipstick, People think she is the most fashionable trendy, who loves partying. But the truth is she is the most saddest girl they might know; And that her wearing Red Lipstick veils it all, Deprive her to enjoy her loneliness, gives her a companion in the mirror which she seeks in darkness of her life

A companion to whom she can laugh, dance and cry with; ending up looking elegant & classy of the blended Red Lipstick

In the hall filled with chattering people she sits alone with her mind preoccupied of the amazement of every trivial thing occupied with worldly cares responsibilities.

She steps out of the darkening mist that envelopes the street each morning,She walks alone as if she has a destination. Her pale skin seems translucent, its fairness accentuated by the cascade of dark sloppy brown hairs, her eyes filled with deep sorrows yet her impeccable Lipstick veils it all. She walks kicking her boots in the mud the warm mist rising from valley brings a fragrance so heavy that it saturates everything but her Red Cherry Lipstick.  Her sobs piercing the thick mist,  A few tears come to soften her seared vision, she waits for her melancholy to cause her so that her tears can completely shred  releasing her from her sorrows.

And yet her only solace is the satisfaction she gets from just doing simple little things like playing with the kids in the streets, adoring nature and affectioned with feeble creatures surrounded by her.

It lights up her heart enough to become unaware of her melancholy

And Red Lipstick stays on her lips to assure an encouraging companionship!


Fading tan!

What fabulous wintery month its been! Reading books and writing prompts and spending time with birds and nephew and hibernating all nighter!
The weather was sexy, as in extremely cold. hangouts, and sitting beside fire while bbq-ing, Waking up in the middle of the night and flipping channels until i find something horror to watch,and make my sister watch it with me, so then i don’t freak out. then i would go to play some of the latest high graphic games until my head starts to hurting… Calling my friend in the early morning to say i can’t make it up to the college today because ive caught cold and bad throat!
Waking up late in the day, and i would go to terrace just to heal myself with warm bright sunshine, and have my own made delicious brunch!
Saying NO to sports, and YES to ice creams,chocolate icy smoothe, and peanuts! And everything nice and icy.
Hairs have gotten a bit longer finally, Eeeep! Fresh skin, fairer, and the tan is fading, and laziness at it’s best level.
In SHORT… Best winter days ive ever had…!

Everlasting Joy!

Skating. A feeling when you’re moving through wind on the ground, leaving things behind more faster than usual walking… Kicking the ground when im slow down, and then stand in a swagger, hands in my pockets, mischief smile on my face! Its all about how you move-and your skates are an involuntary extension of yourself, you love to be in motion. You love to be Outdoor person. You love to feel your body cheat the wind as you experience freedom of movement and find out how fast and how far you can go! Spins and dancing in rain having its way with the wind. And when I would go down, The wind blow my hairs, causing my cheeks blush, headphones on, whooting till im stopped. And saying that’s how i Enjoy life!


Age is something people can not stop–It is a natural phenomenon, Which can not be denied. From women’s teenage to their 30s they are content with their natural glow face skin which God has bestowed upon them! When they are too busy in their lives they underestimate their diets and fitness as a result they want to undermine ageing and control it as much as they can! Infact all women in their 40s and 50s now look super. The age of Botox, Lifts, Gymming, Detox, Spas is making age merely a number! On the other hand our celebrities are willing to reach at any level for controlling age, By unfavorable surgeries, Expensive ones! And eventually they get 10 years younger skin, Along with that they get the perfect reason to tell their age much younger then they actually are!
The question is how long can they live in denial, and take surgeries? They will be growing up older and older, And unfortunately scientist haven’t invented something grand to control ageing or rejuventing drink or a time machine.
Therefore my real question arises That why its hard for a women to tell her precise age? The reasons could be numerous and consequently it bothers me, Ive thought of a way out for those who agree with me at some points, it will be effortless for all in their 20s who will be having these intentions.
Instead of lieing why not make yourself look older, in a way which will be appreciated? Act confidently, develop yourself professionally and mentally, be established and smart enough so that you wouldn’t be worrying about growing while you are young, and then people by face tell you, hey you look younger than you actually are! And there you will get the most tremendous compliment of your life!