Summer bliss!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAs I walked inside of the dark room aimlessly after a settled sun. The window gave me the panorama of the woods outside, behind them the sky appeared to be purple–summer night’s purple.Trees moving back and forth of the massively wind fortasting coming torrential, and then–thunder lights. Strikes….

Moments later a sudden thundershower dripping on trees, I could just watch from the corner of the dark room, sensing fresh cold water on soil consolidated.

Upon my stepping outside the wind along with the drizzle greeted my face while i wandered my eyes to capture each sole sensation of the aura simultaneously with the fresh wind. Smiled wide. taking the novelty into me cosmos effect is curative indeed, the wind can only be detect thorough flourishing trees! I comprehend it’s beingness in the aura i scent my hairs waving on my shoulders –cherry lip gloss combined while the taste of the peach still lingers in my mouth, the undivided sensation is extraordinarily unusual.

¬†Little later as the summer wind crept from tree to tree in the air all night, caused me to atualize that the trees are the most beautiful phenomenal creature,they endure the scorcher at the daylight and give us comfy shade even so not protesting and tranquil shivering in night and it’s peak in the rain glisten under the moonlight all nighter..

A crow calls out his mates on the top of the tree and i contemplated if its morning already but it wasnt. I clasped my arms as i realized air becoming chilling. i thought to myself so blissful this world is. Mystifying yet convivial.


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